Life is not easy for anyone but, it is what you make it. Live everyday to fullest with no regrets. Enjoy everyday no matter what happens Don’t worry about something bad happening…until it happens. If you worry before it happens then, that’s when you get all up tight. Easy or hard, you can do anything…if you put your mind to it!! We sometimes sit there and ask ourselves, “I am going to make it, through anther day?” “Well, yes we can, if we tell ourselves we can an let our voice be heard!!!

14 thoughts on “Life!

  1. Reblogged this on Stay Sane Mommies and commented:
    Hello friends!! My dear friend, Victoria Benner started a new blog to help advocate for people with disabilities. She’s such an inspiring girl. It would mean so much if you could check out her page and like or follow. Thanks!

  2. It was so good to be with you and your family at Elim Lodge last week! I’m glad you’ve started this blog. Through it the beauty of your life can touch the lives of many. God bless you. – Jim Reese

  3. Mark Summers says:

    This is a much needed forum to help focus society’s attention on the need for equal rights and opportunities for all people. You are a very inspiring and determined young woman, the perfect one to get the rest of us thinking and on board.

  4. WELL, I NEVER KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING Behind the scenes- The LORD is using you as an advocate. Who would have ever realized that the LORD enables when man would say, “No way”-You are opening doors for others when you need someone still to help you with other doors. Bless the Baptist pastor who helped you get across snow banks and heavily travelled road.

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