Supportive People!

I feel so blessed to have a wonderful support, of friends and family! They’ve always been there for me,at different times in my life, through the good and the bad times. They’ve helped me and still are helping me…in so many ways! They’ve also been and are great ADVOCATES and still are today when I need them most I’ve known my best friend…since I was little. We were both young. We met in elementary school. She helped out, in my class. She also came over to my house, to hang and help me, in every way,that she could. She would take me to park after school, 2 days a week. then, we’d have dinner together, have sleepovers, I’d go to watch her brother’s play ice hockey, I’d go over to her house, we’d watch movies, go to the movies, eat popcorn do each other’s hair and the list goes and on!!!! My Mom used mighty mouse, because she would lift me, all the time! She would give piggyback rides…around my house. When she stopped, I would say, “Do it again!!!” When she want away to school, I was sad, because I would hardly see her. I hardly see anymore but I have so many memories with her! Just because you haven’t seen a friend in awhile, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends anymore. You can still be there for them and them…for you! I have so many friends! I am greatful for every single one of that I have .The Lord…is also my best friend!! He’s been there and is and still will be there for me…for the rest life! Even when my friends are far away, I know that the Lord is NOT! I can call on him, at anytime.even when I don’t think I need him. I just want to Trust in him, follow him, obey him, serve him…the days of my life! Without him…I’d be lost!

Assistive Devices!

It’s inconvenient when assistive devices, don’t work properly or NOT AT ALL! My Porch Lift started acting up, almost 2 weeks ago now. So, I eventually called a Tech on Monday, to come out and have a look at it. A Tech came out On Tuesday and said. that there was nothing wrong with it. I tried to insist that there was something was wrong but, there was only so much I could do. After he left, I went downstairs, to have a shower! Then, I went back upstairs, again to hang out and have dinner While I was going up, I knew that something wasn’t right. So, I prayed guilty to myself, to ask the Lord…to help me make it upstairs and…my PRAYER WAS ANSWERD!!!! I had Beef and Vegetable soup, with Toast for dinner On Tuesday…that my Nana made. It was SOOO GOOD!!! After that, I decided to go back downstairs…to have some time to myself Then, I was going to go back upstairs…to watch some T.V. but I thought I should stay downstairs and write in my blog instead, since haven’t done that in awhile. So…I wrote My Life Story and I’m glad I did because it made me feel good! A little while later, before my Mom put me to bed that night, she decided to check the porch lift and…it wouldn’t move at all. So, she called the tech that night and He came back out again this morning and I asked him, “what’s wrong with it?” He said, “It’s a flat cable.” Hopefully…it gets fixed soon!!!! As frustrating as it is to have it not functioning, for the time being, I am so thankful, that I am somewhere where I have everything I need….is accessible to me! The Lord had his hand upon me! He still does and…always will have his hand upon me and he will walk beside me…EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!! If you don’t ask someone what’s wrong? Or what do you want or need? Then, you won’t know…how to help them. Also, if don’t tell the around you, that love and support you, what’s going on, they won’t know…how to help you. Advocating for Yourself and sometimes others, when they NEED YOU to ADVOCATE for an important part of life but…there’s a time when you need to ADVOCATE and…there’s to keep quite!If you don’t ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF…when you to need to AND…SOMTIMES FOR OTHERS WHEN THEY NEED YOU TO WELL THEN…THAT’S YOUR LOSS!!!!

My Life Story!

Hello I’m Victoria! I have Cerebral palsy. I am confined to a wheelchair. I was born at 29 weeks weighting 2bls, 13ozs. I Was adopted at the age of 2,into the loving arms of parents…who are Christians and also, grew up with foster children, in the home I’d prayed for siblings of my own day. well, my sister is 9 now and my brother is 7! My parents have done so much with and for me, I don’t know, where to begin. I’ve grown up, going to church, to love and serve the Lord, in wherever he wants me to serve him, I’ve had the best schooling, someone like me could possibly have and the list goes on!!! I’m not a shy person. Accept…in one area. I’ve always found it difficult to advocate for myself! Thinking high school would help, well, it did a little bit not as much, as would’ve liked. Until one day, in my 7th year in high school, I got so frustrated because I couldn’t open a door. So, y E.A. and I, decided to write a letter to the principal about the difficulties in the school. I thought I would read it to him and…that would be the end of it. No it wasn’t. I got the principal in a wheelchair for a day and the 2 Vice Principals. It was a week on what it’s like, to have a disability! I spoke to a lot of students that week and changed their lives! A few months before that, I participated in The Independence Program, Down in Toronto I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!!! It was me learn to independently! Afterwards, I went forward with this other program but didn’t make it, for different reasons. I felt sad at the time. Today, is a different story! I’ll be going on the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME SOON!!! The Lord has answered so many of my prayers…especially this one!!!!
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this post!! I haven’t blogged for awhile. Stay tuned…for posts about my adventure!!!
Until the next post,