Taking Transit

I’ve been taking the York Region Transit/Mobility Plus system, since I turned 18. I am now 24! I had problems with it, in the past while I was living with my parent’s. It still do, living independently. like,it coming too early late, not coming to the door, so I wouldn’t they were there, the Trip Representative mixing up the Destination, Representatives and Drivers being rude, having my file changed, so I don’t have to have a Support Person, riding with me, all the time! I can still have a Support Person go with me to appointments, if I need to, because I have a Support Assistance Card! I know some people, my friends including my roommates have, or have had similar or, some the same problems as me, with the system. Yesterday, my roommate had to get up at AM to get her ride, at 7:58 AM for an appointment. Turns out…Mobility was a half an hour late! What? to me, that’s Ridiculous!!!

I’ve been taking York Region Transit/|Mobility more often now, because I live independently! I’m also taking the Viva Bus System, which is connected with York Region Transit! It takes me about 2 to 3 hours, to get anywhere, if it’s a tow zone ride, because you have to transfer, from Mobility Plus to Viva then…back to Mobility Plus again. A one zone, is only 15 20 minutes away! It’s a PAIN, when it’s a 2 zone ride, especially…in the WINTER because it’s SO COLD!!! Some and it takes longer! Sometimes, I have to take 3 buses. Like this past Saturday, I had to take 3 buses, to go and celebrate my sister’s 10th birthday at a restaurant because it was too late to book Mobility Plus. It was a 3 hour ride but…it was worth it! I have had a couple of problems with Mobility Plus. One time, I was half an hour late for a friend’s Wedding Ceremony. I got there, just in time for their first kiss…as husband and wife and it was POURING RAIN, which didn’t help matters.I was only supposed to be there for an hour. I ended being there for almost 3 hours, because I was waiting for my ride…in the POURING RAIN to go home! It was LATE! Anther time, I went to my parent’s place, to out and get my nails done and celebrate my birthday!I was late getting to my parent’s house. When I got there, I called Mobility Plus Head Office and left a message, stating that I’m not happy, about being late all the time. Since then, I haven’t had as many problems but, that doesn’t mean, that it shouldn’t improve. IT SHOULD IMPROVE! If any of you read this and use the Transit System and have trouble with it, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!!

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Victoria Benner

Choices Part 2!

We all have choices to make. Where we want to live, how we want to live, what we want to eat, where we want to eat, how we want to eat, What you want to study at College or University, where we want to study, our choice of words, it’s not what we say..it’s how we say it! How we act where we are what we do and so on. Sometimes we might not make the best choices, or it might be the best choice, but not not the right timing. Some things we can’t choose. They just happen. Such as, A car accident, maybe not being able to walk again, having a disability like myself, being born def, having cancer and so on. One thing we can choose though, is whether to have a pity party or not. We sometimes ask opinions from our friends and family but, we don’t have to listen because,  At the END OF THE DAY…IT’S YOUR CHOICE!!!!

I’ve had to make some of the some of the same choices! Where i want to live, how I want to live. I wanted to learn to live independently somewhere else, quickly learned that, where i am now is better! I have a lot more opportunities to live somewhere  else…in the future! I’ve chosen where I want to eat and how I want to eat, to accept the Lord as my Savior, to be happy or sad, the way I talk, the way I act and so on. Some things I could’t choose like my parents, my hair, my disability, being in a wheelchair and so on. I’ve also opinions from family and friends. Sometimes I listened and sometimes I didn’t listen. Still today, I listen or or don’t listen, because I’ve LEARNED THAT, AT THE END OF THE DAY IT’S MY CHOICE!!!

Whoever wants to read this post…ENJOY!!!!!!

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Victoria BBenner