Goals Or visions…For the New Year?

When I was living with my parent’s, would watch T.V. all the time. I would get up, around 7:30 AM, in the morning brush my teeth, go upstairs for breakfast then…watch T.V. Mostly T.L.C. The Learning Channel. Baby Story at 9 Am, Wedding Story at 10 AM, What Not To Wear at 11 AM and so on. I would watch T.V. on and off, until 4 PM, when my Dad came home from work or, my siblings came from school. Then…it was their turn! Oh, of course, I can’t forget about Judge Judy at 4PM. Then, we would have dinner together.! After dinner, I would ask, “Dad? can I watch a movie?” He would say, “I’m watching something right now” I sometimes get so upset, I would tell my Mom on him or, go do my own thing downstairs. Now, this was after high school, when I really didn’t set any goals for myself, like to go to college or, do anything with my life. I did have one
goal…to move ou0t! That took a long time to achieve. I wouldn’t watch much T.V on the weekends, because either my Dad was watching T.V. or there wasn’t much on. Sometimes I would watch T.V. in the evenings with my family. Sometimes I was so into a show, that I wouldn’t want to even go down and brush my teeth., because I didn’t want to miss anything. I would do photography on a Sunday afternoon after church. So, there wasn’t really time, to watch T.V. on Sundays! Then, it came to Monday again. Time to get up, eat breakfast then…watch T.V. Monday-Friday. Sometimes I would watch it, with my Mom sometimes I would watch it by myself, depending on what was planned for the day. When I moved out, it was the same thing. T.V. Monday-Friday, by myself or with my roommates, until I started going a Life Skills Program, this past Summer! That`s when I realized there`s more to life, than just T.V. I met friends, stared to socialize more ect. One day in program, we were doing what`s called Sand Therapy and the instructions, were to put objects, in the sand and create your vision…for 2016! So, I put a table in the sand a chair, something on top of the table, to make it look like a computer then, a pen Then, we were free to share with the group…what our visions are for 2016! I told the group, my vision is, to leave my phone, if it goes off for an hour or 2 and just write down, what I`m thinking or feeling, before it gets out of hand. it`s working! I find I`m a lot calmer. My vision is to also server the Lord and others, through my writing! So do you have a a goal or a vision for 2016? If you don’t have a goal or a vision then, I know who does..
the Lord! Take your time and find your goal and or vision with him!

For all of you, who will reading this, Happy New year and all the best 2016!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! See you tomorrow or Saturday!!


I can’t count how many mistakes, I’ve made in my life. I still make mistakes today. Growing up, I thought the words I’m sorry, would fix everything. Well, it’s not just about I’m sorry, It’s about giving my mistake to Lord and asking him…to forgive me and to wash it away! Over time, I’ve learned that and I’m still learning today! My parent’s would try to help though with my mistakes but, sometimes that would just make me angry. I felt like I always argued, yelled, at times, SCREAMED, because I was so ANGRY! I knew that it was a mistake do that but, I didn’t how to calm down. I would say I’m sorry but, I would it over and over again. I would try to cover up, what I was thinking or feeling, because it came to a point where they listened to me but, I felt they didn’t believe me. So, would go to my friends and the believed me. so I felt happy. When I would go home, I would feel unhappy again. I would complain that I was in pain everyday, because I was unhappy. I was board out of my mind. Not even writing would help. I would pray about what the Lord wanted me ton do, with my life. Not even that worked well, so I thought it didn’t work. Even when first moved out, I made mistakes. I was telling on staff about other staff gossiping. ect. Those are big mistakes. I’m learning with the help of staff to be assertive and lean on the Lord and grow in my Faith! You’ve probably made a lot of mistakes in your life. You have probably made a few today. If you tell me you haven’t then…you’re wrong. I have made a few mistakes today. Next time you make a mistake, call upon the Lord and ask him to forgive you!

See you tomorrow or Friday

Being Patient

Being patient is hard. I’ve always found it hard, to be patient. For example, when I’m waiting for the bus, to go somewhere, waiting for Santa to come at Christmas time, or waiting in line, to get something to eat, waiting for the Doctor to come in ect. Some of these things would make ask myself, “when is it going to come?” It even would and still does today, make me anxious. Anxious excited or nervous, depending on what it is. The thing I’ve found most challenging to be patient with is…the Lord, because last year, when I thought I was moving out but it didn’t end up happening, I asked, the Lord, “Lord, why can’t this happen NOW?” I sensed him telling me, “Wait, be patient!” Not long after that…I moved out!!! Aside from that, I had a loving group of friends and family, who supported me! I still have that support today! I am so greatful for it! I’ve learned throughout this journey, things may not happen when I want them to happen or, the way I want them to happen but if I wait and be patient with the Lord, things will happen…in his timing! You may have found or, find it hard, to be patient but if you wait and be patient with the Lord, things will happen…in his timing!

Enjoy reading this post and see you tomorrow Thursday!


I feel like I’m stressed out, time. I worry about things that aren’t important, someone tells me something and it upsets me. Then, I can’t stop talking about it, for a week or even longer, over and over again. Or, I feel like I have to tell everybody everything, my stomach gets upset, I get to the point where I cry, I can’t breathe, it’s hard for me
to calm down, ect, I get these feelings when I go to appointments, someone’s house ect, Also, I feel sad sometimes. I was feeling sad, on my way to church this morning. I was sitting in church and after the sermon, we started singing the song called, Everlasting By: Hillsong Unnited! It was like a weight, was lifted off of shoulders and I asked the Lord, “Lord why am I feeling like this?” “I don’t have to feel like this, because you are with me! ” That gave me a boost of energy, to write today! I hope I will continue to have the energy, to write what the Lord, has put on my heart everyday!!!!!! You may have felt or, are feeling what I am feeling! If so, I would encourage you, to call upon the Lord quietly or out loud and ask him, why you are feeling what you are feeling, just like I did! You may not get the answer right away. I haven’t gotten my answer yet. I know I will one day! Just be patient and look for the Lord’s direction for you!

I hope enjoy reading this post! The next one will be sometime on Tuesday!