I know I haven’t written for over a week. a lot has been going on. So, today is the day!

I have judged people in my life, probably more times than I can count, before I know them I’ve said to myself, he talks funny so, I’m not ‘going to like him. Or, She walks funny so, I’m not going to like her. I’ve been judged myself. In fact, I felt like I was being judged, just the other day by someone because they thought it wasn’t a good idea, to ask people in the grocery store to help me get stuff, because in case it was the person This person talk to staff about it. I talked to staff about it. I was very upset but, I think I handled the situation pretty well. Anther time I felt like I was being judged, was back in high school. I was leading Disability Week, to teach students what it’s like being in a wheelchair and limitations but also, what you can still do in a wheelchair! People would in and say, “She’s in a wheelchair, she can’t talk. She can’t do anything. Those words hurt but, by the end of that week, the students didn’t want to end! Even living on my own, I’ve proven myself wrong! I probably hurt the people I judged. You my judged people and hurt them but I know someone who doesn’t judge anyone the Lord! He loves us…just the way we are! That’s how we should be with people! I know it’s hard. Call on the Lord and he will help you!

See you tomorrow or Friday!



I’ve been in a lot of situations. Some were hard to deal with and some, were not hard to deal with. I still deal with situations today. Some are hard to deal with, some are not hard to deal with. I know one thing, is for sure! The Lord can handle every situation, easy or hard. Next time you’re in a situation, easy or hard to handle, give it to the Lord and let him handle it for you!

See you tomorrow or Sunday afternoon!


We never know, what life is going to throw at us, good or bad but, what we do know, or at least we should know is, that the Lord is in control! If we stumble and fall, he will help us get back up! The Lord is in control of everything!

See you tomorrow or Wednesday!

Letting Go!!

I’ve always had and still have trouble, letting go of things that are bothering me. whether it’s pain or something I’m thinking about or, something that I’m worried about, I’ll talk about it for hours or, even days. Or sometimes I will keep it inside and get so upset, that I cry and can’t handle it anymore. I’m doing a lot better at letting go of stuff and handling things, because I know who I can I can let them go to an who can handle things, the Lord!

If you had or still have trouble, letting go of things or, handling things, give it to the Lord and let him handle it for you!

See you tomorrow or Saturday!


I always thought there wasn’t enough time, to anything, other than sit around and watch T.V. and browse around, on the internet. This was before I moved out and even after I moved out! I wasn’t motivated, I was always tired, not enough energy and so on. It wasn’t too long ago, that I realized, “Hey, I am wasting time!” So, I prayed and asked the Lord, what he wanted me to do with my life! So, I discovered writing again! I am very greatful! The Lord always has the right time!!!!


I don’t about you but, I have questions everyday! What am I going to do today? When am I going to do it? Where am I going to do it? Why am I going to do it? How am I going to do it? What does the future hold for me? Some of this question, has already been answered. Some of this question, has already answered, because well…I moved out! When I moved out, I had a lot of questions, “Lord, what are you going to do now?” Some of my questions haven’t been answered yet, I don’t know why. Some will never be answered…until the Lord comes again. We talked about this at church this morning!

You might have questions, that have already been answered, great! You might have questions, that have not been answered yet and that’s OK, There’s a reason for it! Some of the questions are simple, some questions, are so hard, You don’t understand. If you have young children, they have questions, like, “Where are we going?” “Why are we going there?” IF you have easy or hard questions, answered or unanswered, ask the Lord and trust in him!

See you tomorrow or Tuesday!