There are times in my life, where I have let someone else’s words, suggestions keep me from ADVOCATING FOR MYSELF, because their words have upset me, or I’m scared that the reason that I’m ADVOcating for myself, Isn’t a good enough reason, I don’t want to be RUDE about how I’m trying to my point across. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I phoned my worker to inquire to get more Funding, to more in the community. my worker said, “You get more funding, but I don’t know the amount.” Soon  after that conversation, My Mom called me, “You must be good at ADVOCATING for YOURSELF!” “You got more funding!” I was SHOCKED! “THANK You God…for providing my every need!

If would like to share how God is providing your needs, I’d love to read about it below, in the comment box, or at; dontwaittoavocte14@gamail,com

I hope to write more often! See again soon!

Victoria Benner

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