A Two Way Conversation.

Growing up, no matter how many times I was asked, “Are you listening?: I would say, “yes,” the other person would try and say something, I wanted to jump in and interrupt, because I was already thinking about what I was going to say, even before the other person finished. This is because, my Brain goes so fast, I often don’t think before I speak. We all do that, don’t we? I still struggle with this skill today. It’s a hard skill to grasp but, with Behavioural Therapy and Programing. I feel I’m improving but, there’s always room for improvement! I sometimes feel like don’t listen to to God. I do all the talking and don’t listen, to all he has to say. I can’t imagine how hurt God must feel. He’s human…just like us! He wants us to talk to him, in return we should listen to what has to say! If you or someone you know, struggles listening,, pray that God opens your ears and gives you patience to be quite and hear what he has to say!
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