How We need To Deal With The unknow!

Hello everyone,

I know It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. Life have been CRAZY lately, that I when I want to sit and write, I’m tired. Today is the day, that God has called me to post something. This post, was written awhile ago but then…I got side tracked. My prayer is that, God will put more messages on my heart, everyday if not, more often! Enjoy this post and I hope to be back soon!



I’ve been going through some difficult situations lately. People are leaving their jobs to pursue another career! Other things have been happening so QUICKLY, that I God, “God? why are these good people leaving so soddenly, last minute?” Then, I’m reminded that God has the best plan for anyone who and love him. That’s what I tell myself, when people leave to go their own ways and lead their own lives! God’s PLAN…IS PERFECT REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE SITUATION IS GOOD BAD! God goes with us, not before us